we developed a set of free tools to help Translators better manage their work


No monthly fee or any other charges apply


Do more in less time

Smatlation takes care of all the administrative aspects of your freelance job. With Smartlation you Eliminate the risk you won’t get a payment and free you from these distractive thoughts

Compete with the Best

Free website and marketing tools to enable you to run your own show

Quality works count

Smartlation uses several methods to evaluate and rate translation jobs that are completed by its translator. Jobs quality and rating affect the translator matching score as presented to the end users.

Get new jobs

Smartlation provides its translators with translation jobs

You are in control

Set your own prices and deadlines

Utilize your connection network

Empower freelance translators and enable them to grow by using the Smartlation CoopNetwrok affiliate program

How It Works

1. Upload any file

2. Compare & Choose

3. Pay & Relax

Translator affiliation program

Smartlation’s Affiliate Network (A.K.A CoopNetwork) aims to increase translators income based on their existing customer-base without investing any additional resources. The CoopNetwork enable translators and small agencies to expend their services to additional language pairs and fields of expertise.

The CoopNetwork automatically forward any translation, which is not within their expertise, to the most fitting translator on the Smartlation platformBy doing so, it allows translators to own more jobs and get commissions. 

Translators tools & services

Founded by translation industry experts we understand the difficulties freelance translator face, and therefore, we have tailored a unique set of tools to help and improve the translators work processes and capabilities. Smartlation Translators Services Suite (TSS) is a set off tools developed to cope with daily administrative and marketing issues translators face on daily bases. Smartlation TSS is provided for free to any Smartlation’s registered translators.

Marketing WEB site

Run your own translation business efficiently. Each one of our translators automatically gains a Smartlation Microsite which is a free professional website \ landing page for his business. The Microsite can be easily adjusted to the translator requirements.

UPLOAD AND AUtomatic pricing

Each Smartlation Translator’s Microsite has a built-in upload module that enable the your customers to auto-upload files, and get instant final pricing for any translation project based on the Translator’s defined parameters.

No more quotation or endless evaluation of translation request. Provide your customers with instant question and deadlines and manage your work through Smartlation.

Manage your work and customers

Smartlation translators control pane contains a basic CRM for its translator, allowing them to keep track of their work history as well as customers through the control panel.


Set your own prices for each language pair \ expertise as you see fit. We understand that your time is your asset and we allow to change whenever you need.

Set your work \ days hours and your availability and we will make sure to adjust the translation jobs to your setting

Billing and charging

There is no more need to keep running after your customers to get paid.
Smartlations provide its translator with the option to do the charging for them and get paid directly from Smarlation (for customers that arrived directly the translator site and order translation job) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

Accordion Content

In the past 2 years, smartlation has developed an OCR algorithm that enables us to assess the work required of any file and any format in seconds. Once the translation workload was evaluated our system calculates a final quotation for each translator that was found fit for the job. Smartlation enables its translator’s to set their own terms and pricing and as such at times, we can see big price differences for the same job due to the different pricing that each Translator is requesting. 

Not Necessary, Translations pricing is correlated to location the translator is working form and as such translations from cheaper economies can cost less.  Smartlation, unlike other translation services, enables its translator’s to set their own terms and pricing and as we have translators from all over the world, it allows us to provide top translations at cheaper costs. 

Accordion Content

SMARTLATION is a one-stop-shop where you can complete ALL the phases of a translation transaction in minutes.  We know that each customer has different needs and as such we help them find the best translator for their job according to their requirements.  Smartlation marketplace enables to choose translators based on Price, Skill, Preferences, Availability, and Rating.

In the past 2 years, smartlation has developed a unique algorithm (patented) that scans the translator database to find and recommend the best translators for the job based on multiple parameters such as languages, history, skill, professions, availability and numerous more. 

Smartlation Translator database contains only professional translators that have been approved by the smartlation professional teams. We filter our translator according to strict guidelines that are common in the industry.

Unlike other translation services, Smartlation is constantly tacking each translator and update their “matching score” parameters in order to provide the best translator for you.

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